The Freedom Food Club

Growing Together 

A friendly and safe place to come together, learn together, and grow together to and make a better community. Were all food slaves, more or less so lets take our food freedom back! It’s also better for your health and your families health too!

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Grow At Home

Everyone can easily grow at home! You don’t need much space, and you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money either to produce your own food at home! There are many solutions that can work wonders with very little input from you in anyway check some of them out Click Here. 

Contributionism Together

Contributionism is something that can help all of us. If we all contributed a little time to helping each other then the world could be a much easier, free-er place! If we work together we can all massively benefit! Find out how you can be part of this kind better system for living together on the planet and lets remove the need to be money slaves! Check it out Click Here.

Save The Bees

Let’s face it, without the bee’s we wouldn’t have any food at all! If we don’t save the bee’s we won’t make it either! Here’s a page all about the bee’s and how you can make a difference. Check it our Click Here

Wild Growing Together

Everyone can easily grow food out in public in wild and suitable places. All you need to do is know what you can plant in the wild how you can plant it and then go on adventures into nature and grow food anywhere and everywhere! This is especially fun for family activities! Check out the wild growing section Click Here.

Community Projects

Love They Neighbour

You can help your neighbours by giving them some of your produce, and bringing them into the club if they would like to grow something too or help them and have more space together!

Local Legends

Every year we will have local legend awards where you can vote for people in your area who have been nominated for being the best grower of them all where you live!

Young & Old

We aim to work closely with the elderly and the children of today and tomorrow. Elderly people find growing therapeutic and its good for their health. Children find it interesting and need to learn the skills to be able to grow independently when they are older. 

Show & Tell

Proud of what you have grown? Even prouder of the food you grown and cooked!? Show and tell everyone! A place where you can share your amazing home grown produce and cooking with others. Let’s have a look and see what you’ve got growing on!

Community Mental Health

Growing food and flowers and animals also has a very relaxing, stress relieving positive mental health boosting quality to it that many people can benefit from. We are happy to have visits from anyone wishing to get some away time from their thoughts, worries or problems and join us for volunteering and educational/therapy groups.

Land Info & Using Land

All the information you need and the locations to claim unregistered land and start making money and using the land right away! Interactive map and more! Check it out!

Our Shop

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Growing Together

There are lots of ways that we can grow together go have a look!

Community Projects

There are some awesome ways that we can grow together as a community go have a look!